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My Beauty Whisper For Beauty Brands & Retailers

My Beauty Whisper is a unique beauty tech service that is powered by technology but designed to rebuild the human connection between your brand and your consumers. My Beauty Whisper business solutions empower every consumer to have access to face-to-face beauty consultation & expert beauty product suggestions from a non-robot beauty expert whenever and wherever they want.

My Beauty Whisper Services

My Beauty Whisper App

An app to promote your products, rebuild human connection and give unparalleled customer experience to your customers even outside your store. Your brand’s experience on the MBW app is fully customized to to reflect the voice, values, and experience of your brand

Digital Consultants

MBW adds value to your brand by bringing human-to-human service to your every customer. All the digital consultants are trained by Adamis Group who specializes in this service and makes sure that every single consultant is reflecting the values of your brand

MBW For Your Store

MBW provides innovative solutions to power your store and to give amazing store experience to your customers. Now, you can bring our expert digital consultants even to your store. The entire process is very quick to set up and improves your product promotions.

Reduce Business Cost

Powerful cost-cutting features with our pay per consultation service so you can have more digital consultants in the same budget. Improve your revenue generation with increased post-purchase satisfaction of your customers and decreased product return-rate.

Increase Store Traffic & Get Customers Back To Your store

Extremely engaging customer experience to bring customers back to your store. Expert beauty advice and product recommendations by our digital consultants will help in increasing your store traffic

Discover Actionable Insights

Power your brand with advanced data analysis of your consumers. Find better ways to target consumers and create personalized experiences to improve your existing customers’ loyalty.

Improve Brand Value and Brand Loyalty

Correct beauty product suggestions by our skilled digital beauty consultants combined with extremely personalized beauty-shopping experience will lead to better conversion rates and repeat purchasing.

Humanize Your Beauty Brand With My Beauty Whisper Business Solutions

Explore the power of My Beauty Whisper and what it can do for your brand and your customers.